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Development Experience
Client: Shell Energy  
Dates: May 2000 - July 2000
Role: TIBCO Developer
Description: Due to fact that the TIBCO-Siebel adapter did not support many-to-many database relationships, I was asked to design and implement a custom solution that would meet the business requirements. My hybrid solution consisted of a custom coded DLL , written in Visual Basic, that interfaced with the TIBCO COM adapter to send messages to Siebel. It also utilized the standard TIBCO-Siebel adapter to publish messages from Siebel. This solution was highly effective in meeting the business requirements and, due to its multithreaded architecture, exceeded the performance requirements.

Client: eMeter
Dates: February 2002 - March 2002
Role: TIBCO Developer/On-site Team Lead
Description: For eMeter, implementing TIBCO was a long-term strategic move. They were seeking to eliminate many of their custom built interfaces, but first wanted assurance that TIBCO could meet all of their requirements. My team was brought on to help create "proof of concept" interfaces to provide this assurance.  We helped them install and configure TIBCO on their systems, configured multiple interfaces including the inbound and outbound TIBCO/Siebel interfaces, and discussed and documented best practices for their TIBCO architecture. This proved very successful. As a result, TIBCO is now being fully integrated into their environment.
Client: Shell Energy
Dates: August 2000 - October 2000
Role: TIBCO Assembly Test Lead
Description: To improve the reliability of TIBCO components in their second release, the client wanted the components to be tested in an environment apart from development before they were migrated to the real test environment. Because of my experience with TIBCO on prior releases, I was asked to organize and lead this effort. To accomplish this, I established processes for documenting test conditions, writing test scripts, tracking progress, and resolving defects for each capability being implemented. These processes greatly improved the quality of the deliverables coming from the TIBCO development team.
Client: Shell Energy
Dates: November 2000 - March 2001
Role: TIBCO Team Lead
Description: A key area of focus for the client was improving the timeliness of the TIBCO team's deliverables. On each of the releases, TIBCO had been in the critical path despite the team's willingness to work overtime to get ahead. Because of my experience and leadership on prior releases, I was asked to step up and lead the TIBCO team. I began by immediately implementing several new processes to move the team out of the critical path. First, I had them set and commit to realistic deadlines. Second I implemented a scope control process so the requirements did not keep changing. Third, I implemented a versioning / change control process to better track the versions of TIBCO components in each environment. Fourth, I simplified the fix-it process to expedite the handling of issues identified during testing. Finally, I provided on-site moral and technical support for them if they had to work overtime. Team moral quickly began to improve and increased productivity followed. The structured processes helped them work more efficiently; thereby reducing overtime and allowing the team to deliver all required TIBCO components three weeks early!

Client: Shell Energy
Dates: July 2001 - September 2001
Role: Release Lead
Description: I managed the development, system test, integration test, acceptance test, production readiness, and deployment phases for a key project release in the Texas Electric Choice Pilot. As in other releases, TIBCO was an integral part of the functionality being delivered and care had to be taken during each phase of the project to ensure the delivery of quality components. This release was highly successful. It was delivered on time, on budget and required minimal post-deployment production support.
Client: Williams Energy
Dates: November 2001 - December 2001
Role: TIBCO Architect
Description: I was part of a team brought on to quickly document Accenture's best practices regarding TIBCO implementations. As a senior member of this team, I leveraged the experiences and knowledge of multiple Accenture projects, both in the US and abroad, to create the following TIBCO deliverables.
  • TIBCO Interface Design Guide
  • Architecture, Assembly & Performance Test Approach
  • Center of Excellence Concept presentation
  • Organizational Structure presentation
I also tracked the team's progress and managed client expectations.
Provider: TIBCO (vendor provided)
Date: May 2000
Focus: TIBCO Rendezvous, Message Broker, Hawk

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