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  Objective - To effectively lead integration teams who will
                 implement and communicate quality solutions.

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Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Cum Laude, B.S. Computer Engineering

Software Packages:
     TIBCO (RV, IM, MB, and adapters)
     Siebel Call Center, eEnergy, and eService
     Loadstar Financials and Billing Expert (high level management)
     SAP R3 - Basis (systems installation, client maintenance, CTS, user administration, troubleshooting)

     Intel Workstations and Servers, Sun Stations, HP Servers

Operating Systems:
     Windows NT, Windows 2000, Unix, Sun Solaris

Programming Languages
     Wide variety of coding skills:
    MS Visual Basic   Siebel VB, eScript   C, C++   Korn Shell
    SAP ABAP   Java   XML   SQL
     Oracle 8.x and MS SQL Server databases
     Networking fundamentals (TCP/IP protocol, OSI reference model, routers, gateways, firewalls)
     Processing EDI transactions(ERCOT 810s, 820s, 814s, 867s)
     Technologies specific to the Utility and Oil & Gas industries

  Dependable. Willing to take ownership and passionately ensure success
  Up-to-date technical skills
  Demonstrated ability to provide effective leadership of diverse teams
  Established record of managing each phase of the project life cycle

Accenture LLP 2/2000 - 3/2002 Houston, TX
Experienced Consultant

Project dates: Feb/02 - Mar/02
Client: Silicon Valley start up presenting meter usage over the Web
Roles & Responsibilities:
  •  Led a team to rapidly create TIBCO and Siebel 7 eService proof-of-concept demos to provide direction for future architectural decisions
  •  On site project lead
  •  Configured TIBCO (RV 6.9) proof-of-concept demo
  •  Assisted in configuring the Siebel 7 eService demo
  • Project dates: Feb/00 – Oct/01
    Client: Houston based utilities marketer (both gas and electricity markets)
    Roles & Responsibilities:

  •  Implement capabilities required for the client to enter and compete in deregulated markets in multiple states.
  •  Led a release end-to-end . Managed development, integration testing, acceptance testing, production readiness, deployment, and transition efforts. Reported to the client business systems manager
  •  Planned, organized, and led the deployment effort involving 40+ people to deploy Lodestar Financial package to the production environment. The deployment was hightly successful and I was asked to mentor the deployment leads on all subsequent releases.
  •  Led emergency production support team to fix billing problems. The team’s efforts were commended by the CFO
  •  Restructured a struggling TIBCO team and led them to deliver three weeks early
  •  Architected and implemented the pre-EAI Siebel interface. This architecture proved efficient and the core of it has now been incorporated into TIBCO

    Accenture LLP 3/1999 - 2/2000 Houston, TX
    Clients: Multiple Houston based oil companies
    Roles & Responsibilities:

  •  Installed Siebel 99.5 on Windows NT server and configured it for remote use
  •  Designed Siebel technical architecture for development and production environments
  •  Configured Siebel business components, applets, and screens to implement the desired functionality
  •  Imbedded code in Siebel to perform non-standard functionality requested by various clients
  •  Created desired Siebel reports using Actuate
  • Accenture LLP 5/1997 - 3/1999 Houston, TX
    Project Dates : May/97 – May/99
    Client: Various clients of Accenture’s Houston solution center
    Roles & Responsibilities:

  •  Lead a small automated tools team at the Houston solution center to automate SAP Basis tasks. Three key processes we automated were migrating SAP transports from client to client, creating SAP users, and updating user permissions.
  •  Served as primary Basis support contact for a major nationwide SAP implementation and for installing and supporting IS/OIL
  •  Planned and implemented SAP installations and upgrades
  •  Performed client maintenance activities such as creating new clients, performing backups, migrating transports and administering user authorizations
  •  Provided first-level support for troubleshooting SAP; applying OSS notes as needed
  •  Provided on-call Basis and automated tools support as needed
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